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‘Rush’ Review Round Up

Will you be racing to the movies this weekend to watch Rush?

The Ron Howard-directed biopic starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl tells the story of Formula One star James Hunt’s merciless rivalry with fellow driver Niki Lauda as the duo sought to win the 1976 World Championship at Fuji in Japan.

DYRT have the inside track on the F1 movie that’s definitely worth a rush to your local cinema:



“Finally we have the Formula One story that is not just for petrol heads” David Gritten, The Telegraph

“Rush breaks the mould; its racing scenes are thrilling, and the personal dynamics in the pits and away from the track genuinely intriguing. Here’s a Formula One story that’s not just for petrolheads.”


“The rivalry between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda thrills and fascinates” Geoffrey Macnab, The Independant

“True to its title, Rush makes rousing viewing, even if the adrenalin thrill of the race sequences themselves can’t always disguise the cliché-ridden aspects of Morgan’s screenplay.”


“Opposites Attract, And It’s A Beautiful Thing” Jake Coyle, Huffington Post

“It’s not only one of the better racing films, it’s one of Howard’s best. For Morgan, who also penned another distinct sports film, 2009′s The Damned United, it’s yet another example of his great talent for taking seemingly minor true stories and expanding them operatically.”


“Ron Howard’s populist take on James Hunt and Niki Lauda’s 70s rivalry is a thrilling hymn to male pride and motor sport”  Mark Kermode, The Guardian

“Bright, brash and unashamedly formulaic, this is thrillingly accessible fare, aiming more for the straight lines of the home stretch than the tricky curves of those treacherous corners, with Howard keeping one eye always on the grandstand.”