The Wanted fear sex drought in 2013

The Wanted at 2012 MTV Video Music Awards
The Wanted at 2012 MTV Video Music Awards

The Wanted have admitted that cracking the US almost killed them, but as long as they can keep their sex lives up it’ll have been worth it.

Jay McGuiness admitted he fears that the sex might dry up if the boys don’t emulate their meteoric success in 2013.

“I’m very aware if this ends my whole success with the ladies might be very fleeting, so I’m making the most of it until then,” reports the Metro.

“I feel we’re quite well positioned out there and it’s just a case of making sure our songs are on the radio.

“We did a huge radio tour which nearly killed us but it was worth it. We made a lot of friends as we were doing it.”

Their achievements really hit home after a date with Stevie Wonder admitted Jay.

“We did the [MTV] VMAs and he played with Alicia Keys. We were like, let’s go meet them.”

I can’t tell you how much of a fan Nathan [Sykes] is of Stevie Wonder. Proper, proper hero.

“When we left, Nathan broke down in tears. The fact he broke down really hit me and I was like, “Wow, I just met Stevie Wonder.”

Jay also admitted that winning over America is, at times, easier than winning over their home fans.

“Half the people think we should dance more and wear better clothes and be a proper pop band and half the country think we should start playing our instruments,” the 22-year-old said.

“In the US they don’t really care. They seem to accept us straight away.”

Unlike their rivals, One Direction, The Wanted boys are known as the bad boys of pop, which has got them into a bit of trouble lately.

Jay admits he plans to curb his drinking in future after pictures of him ‘wasted’ in Vegas angered his parents. “They were pretty upset with me,” he said.

“Our team are used to it – they know we like to go out and party. As long as we turn up to work the next day.”