A lovely pair: Amy Childs prepares for second boob job

Amy Childs has revealed that she will be undergoing her second breast enlargement surgery tomorrow (June 26).

The former Only Way is Essex star is set to go from a 32C to a 32DD in her latest cosmetic surgery visit, according to The Sun.

“I’m 22, I had them done at 18 and I probably wouldn’t have them done ever again now, unless maybe after having kids,” she explained.

Childs stated that she found her current breasts “saggy”, saying: “I’m doing it because I now have to wear dresses with bras in for loads of support.

“I’d love to be able to wear backless dresses but I’ve never been able to do that because they have dropped quite a lot. I now wear push-up bras.”

She added: “I’m excited about launching this line but you have to feel good about yourself and the only thing letting me down really is my boobs.”

Amy Childs launched her first swimwear range last week, to be stocked by Lipsy and Next.