Aiden Grimshaw says he stalks his fans on Twitter

Aiden Grimshaw has admitted that he stalks his fans on Twitter as he like to keep an eye on the online response to his new music and enjoys seeing what they have to say.

Talking about his fans, Grimshaw told SugarScape: “They’re so cool, they’re all so cool.

“‘Fans’ is a horrible word I reckon, they’re just people who have supported me and to have that support during this 18-month period when I’ve not really been doing much has been really cool.”

He added: “I’ve never really felt pressured by them, my music’s pretty different from what you’d expect an X Factor person to maybe bring out, but I’ve never felt pressured to make something that they’d like.

“I’m always on Twitter stalking what they’re saying and s**t, and they all seem really cool. They all just seem like people that like music.”

Aiden Grimshaw

Asked if he has ever received any humorous responses to his music, Grimshaw confessed: “I read one today actually where someone tweeted that they’d just heard my song and their pants had fallen down – it’s pretty odd again.

“But you know it’s a good response, it’s better than, ‘I’ve just heard your song and now I’m going to stab somebody’.”

The star’s new single ‘Is This Love’ is out June 3