Alexandra Burke under police protection

Where's your boyfriend? The X Factor winner happily posed up with teen singer Dionne BromfieldAlexandra Burke was under police protection on Wednesday after being subjected to threats on Twitter.

The latest in the line of celebrities being  abused by ‘internet trolls’, Alexander was left fearing for her safety after a series of abusive and threatening messages were left on her Twitter page.

Police officers arranged to meet the X Factor winner, at her lip gloss launch, outside the Rose Club in central London, with her record company drafting in extra security.

The messages included: ‘I’m coming, and I’ll murder you!’, ‘I’m going to kill you tonight’, ‘gonna stab you’, and ‘prepare to die’.

The singer’s brother David Burke sent messages to the troll in question ahead of the event.

He wrote: ‘I’ll be there tonight, I DARE you to try bring harm to Alex… And see what will happen! Don’t f**k with us.’

Protective: David Burke told the troll to leave his sister alone

A source told the Metro newspaper that the star had been ‘freaked out’ by the messages.

The insider said: ‘The police agreed to meet Alex at the entry of the club when she arrived and escort her in.

Her own team weren’t taking any chances. Her management decided to draft in extra security to be by her side all night.

‘It could have been nothing more than a disgusting bluff but no-one was willing to take any chances after Leona Lewis was attacked a few years ago. Every threat has to be taken seriously – if something happened, Alex’s team would never forgive themselves.’

The Twitter user has now had their account suspended.

A spokesman for Alexandra confirmed: ‘Alex is fine. There was no drama and the launch went really well.

‘The police will be looking into the abusive tweets.’

Despite her fears, Burke managed to put them aside to have a good time at her launch and it would appear she found the whole evening quite overwhelming given her Twitter updates.

She gushed: ‘Had an amazing time at my launch tonight! Thanks 2everyone who came out&supported me. Means so much. Tonight was unreal. I’m so happy!

‘Tear in my eye. I’m proud of myself. For once I can actually say it… so much2those who have supported me all the way. My heart is yours.’