Amber Heard gets good behaviour bond and fine for smuggling dog into Australia

Amber Heard has been given a one-month good behaviour bond and fined $1,000 after she pleaded guilty to falsifying border protection documents in Australia.

The actress and wife of Johnny Depp had two charges of illegal importation dropped due to lack of evidence after she failed to declare the couple’s two dogs on her arrival into Australia last year.

A conviction was not recorded against Heard after her lawyers argued it would impact on her work as an actress and the bond included a $1,000 recognisance.

Before Heard was sentenced, Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan was told that the actress failing to declare Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo had been “a tired, terrible mistake.”


The dogs were quickly whisked out of the country before a 72-hour deadline lapsed when the canines would have to be seized 


A video made by Heard expressing her remorse for her actions and her respect for Australia’s strict quarantine laws was shown to the court.

The 20-second video also featured Depp and appeared to have been shot in their Gold Coast hotel room.

‘If you disrespect Australian law, they will tell you firmly,’ Depp said in the video in apparent reference to Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.