American Idol hopeful Jermaine Jones disqualified

He had been dubbed the ‘gentle giant’ but Jermaine Jones did not live up to his namesake.

The American Idol hopeful was disqualified from the show over an undisclosed criminal record, with four active warrants out for his arrest.

On last night’s episode (in the US) of the singing competition, the 25-year-old was confronted with the revelations on camera by two of the show’s executive producers, Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick.

He said: ‘I was nervous, I didn’t want to get judged. I didn’t want to get penalised for anything that happened in the past.’

But the producers, who assured they are ‘not judgemental at all’, said it was out of their hands as they told a disappointed Jermaine: ‘We’re not allowed to have anyone with an active warrant against them, and you have four.’

It has been reported that one of the charges against the aspiring singer was due to violence, but Jermaine enthused: ‘Nobody was fighting . Me and one of my other friends had a disagreement but it was not like fist fighting.’

Confrontation: Producers Nigel Lythgoe (R) and Ken Warwick sat the hopeful down to quiz him over the charges
Producers Nigel Lythgoe (R) and Ken Warwick sat the hopeful down to quiz him over the charges

Before he made his untimely departure from the show, Jermaine shook the producers’ hands and said: ‘Thank you so much for the opportunity and everything.’

It came after Nigel and Ken told TMZ they would have done everything in their power to help the contestant.

They said: ‘We help them where we can in clearing them up.’

However he had to be booted out because he lied about his past, leaving the team behind Idol with no choice.

They told the website: ‘There might be other false names and other charges out there that we just don’t know about.’

They claimed that Jermaine had been ‘very apologetic’ at the decision to axe him from the group of finalists.

Opening the show, host Ryan Seacrest announced: ‘With the cooperation of law enforcement we discovered information that left us with no choice but to eliminate one of our contestants.’

He added: ‘When you’re doing a live show anything can happen.’

It was discovered that Jermaine concealed ‘multiple crimes,’ including the charge relating to violence.

The news emerged after the fan favourite announced he had been kicked off the show on Twitter, though he soon deleted the post.

He said: ‘Awww I will no longer b on the show.’

According to TMZ, Jermaine has been ‘very aggressive’ behind the scenes – and flew into a rage over one member of staff over his outfit.

A source close to the show told the website Jones had been dishonest about his past during the selection process and ‘swore he hadn’t been in a fight since high school’.

Producers on the show revealed he was charged with two crimes in 2011, and both times gave police a false name when arrested.

Jermaine’s announcement on Twitter that he had been axed from the show shook his legion of fans, who were shocked the New Jersey vocal instructor had a hidden past.

One supporter named Erica said: ‘He committed a crime? It seems impossible for someone like him.

‘He’s a cute teddy bear. The gentle giant.’

Another called Sheila Lantin told him: ‘God has plans for you I believe on him just keep the faith and everything will be alright.’

However there were plenty of naysayers too, with one user simply labelling him, ‘scum.’

It is not a moment completely without precedent, as in the past contestants have been forced to leave when producers felt their work or personal history is an issue.

Corey Clark was disqualified for hiding his arrest record during the second season in 2003.

Frenchie Davis was also dropped the same year due to a previous appearance on an adult website.

And in the eighth season Joanna Pacitti advanced to the top 36 after Hollywood Week but was later replaced.

It emerged she had released an album in 2006 and had ties to 19 Entertainment, which produces the show.

However Antonella Barba was allowed to stay in the sixth season after racy photos were leaked online, while David Hernandez also stayed after it emerged he once worked as a nightclub stripper.