Amy is genuine and true to her upbringing, describing herself as the consummate homebody – even though the 22-year-old from Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, spends most of her year touring or recording down south with her management. “I try to get back home as much as possible, even if it just for a day,” said Amy. “The first thing I do is pick up my dog Arnie, who is a miniature schnauzer, from my mum’s. I really
miss him when I’m away. I’m a simple girl at heart, which can be hard to believe as I’m in this business, but when I’m home I like to do simple things like walk my dog, visit friends or go out for a quiet dinner.”

Amy got her start in the business by responding to an advertisement placed in NME magazine by a new production company set up by her now managers, Pete Wilkinson and Sarah Erasmus. “I spotted the ad in the magazine and thought I’d give it a try. I’d been writing and performing my own songs for a while in local pubs and clubs, so I decided as I had nothing to lose why not apply and see what happened,” explained Amy. “I didn’t really think I’d hear anything back, particularly as I’d sent them this really rubbish demo done on an eight-track in my bedroom, so when I got the call from Pete I was totally overwhelmed.”

Although new to the management game themselves, Pete and Sarah worked tirelessly with Amy for six months before producing and sending out her demo to major record labels. She initially signed with Warner Chappell before being signed to her now label, Mercury Music Group. “Myself, Pete and Sarah were all new to the business and that really helped me at the beginning. They welcomed me into their
home and took care of me like I was family – as soon as I met with them something clicked.”

Talking fondly of her managers, Amy reveals she has never felt any pressure to churn out records or change herself in any way, saying,“I can write one song and not have another for six months. As I write all my music myself it’s important I get it right – I wouldn’t want to put something out there that I wasn’t proud of. I’m very luck to have Pete and Sarah as my managers, as they have never put any pressure on me to meet deadlines or sell myself sort.”