And the BB Winner Is… Aaron!

After a nine-week run of mixed reviews and disappointing viewing figures Aaron Allard was crowned   winner of Big Brother 2011 last night.

But it wasn’t exactly a typical final for the reality show as Aaron walked down the stairs to a crowd that booed him rather than cheer him on.

But this wasn’t such a shock to the 30-year-old as he had heard the jeering crowd earlier on in the night and as he prepared to leave the famous house as the winner kept saying, ‘Why do they hate me?’

But before viewers discovered this year’s winner and what the rest of the finalists thought of their time in the house, they were treated to a parade of the show’s former contestants.

Making the most of their new found fame, the hopefuls went all out with their outfits as they returned to face one another.

Tashi Jackson led the females by wearing a daring see-through lace dress that revealed her skimpy underwear.

The tanned TV star wore large hopp earrings and a pair of nude platform stilettos as she posed for photographers.

Joining her in wearing black was Faye Palmer –  who left the house last week.
'Love him to bits': The brunette model wore a white ruffled dress with a silver corset to speak to host Brian Dowling about her romance with Jay Forgotten something? The former Big Brother contestant showed off her figure in a see-through halterneck dress and platform stilettos

Here come the girls: Ex-housemate Faye Palmer wore a very tight black dress while Heaven Afrika showed off her long legs

The brunette contestant wore a tight-fitting black dress with matching shoes and was no doubt willing Aaron to take home the crown – after the pair struck up a romance in the house.

Following her on the platform was healer Heaven Afrika who looked more than pleased to be back in the limelight.

The loud ex-housemate wore an unusual mini dress that was complete with a leather-look long skirt that trailed behind her.

The men of the house went for a much simpler look of jeans, shirts and genuine smiles.

Posh boy Harry Blake waved to the excited crowd in a smart blazer whilst sales assistant Tom O’Connell opted for a black and white polka dot shirt.

The former housemates were there to cheer on the finalists: Jay McKray, Louise Cliffe and Alex Rose Lee.

As host, Brian Dowling, announced that voting had frozen for the first time during the night, Louise was told that she had come fourth in the competition and would be the first to leave.

Louise’s last words before leaving the house were: ‘I’m sh***** myself.’

Wearing a white ruffled dress complete with a sequined corset, the brunette made her way down the stairs and enjoyed posing for the cameras.

Speaking to Brian about her romance with heavily tattooed Jay, the 25-year-old said: ‘Nine weeks equals ten years in here. Jay is just so normal and he reminds me of the people I know back home.

‘I love him to bits I do, I do, I do,’ she added.

When Brian asked her if a wedding was on the cards she excitedly screamed: ‘Yeah hopefully,’ before running off stage to meet Jay’s mother.

Following in her footsteps and next to leave the house was the last female left – Alex.

The air hostess had gone all out for her finale look and wore a short pink patterned dress with her recently acquired Jimmy Choo shoes.

The blonde – who had avoided the public vote every previous week – admitted she never thought she would make it to the final.

‘I’ve been a fan of the show since I was 14…. always just push for your dreams,’ she told Brian.

Alex added that being herself was what she thinks got her through the show and helped her avoid being nominated.

The 20-year-old also stated that she loved last night’s evictee Tom and believes that they will be ‘friends for life.’

Then it was time for the winner to be announced and as Brian revealed that it was contract manager, Aaron, who had won the show, the crowd erupted into a chorus of boos.

As he was left alone in the house to contemplate his exit, Jay fought hard to hold back the tears as he left the house shouting: ‘Why-aye.’

The 26-year-old plumber explained to Brian that he found it hard in the house at times but Louise had ‘kept him sane.

When probed further about his feelings towards Louise and asked if he was in love with her he confessed: ‘I would say aye’.

He went on to say that the toughest time in the house for him was when he had only bananas to eat and he admitted that he ‘will never eat a banana again.’

But as he was reunited with Louise and the rest of his housemates, Brian revealed that it was time for the winner to face the crowd.

Aaron was up for eviction four times during the series but managed to dodge the bullet and win the Channel 5 show.

The startled champion received a suitcase full of £50,000 as his winning prize but had a feeling he would be spending it on bills.

‘I’m worried that my mums phone bill is huge but I don’t know,’ he told Brian when asked how it felt to win but be booed at the same time.

Aaron admitted to the host that his last week in the house was difficult because he ‘was missing Faye’ and didn’t feel he could talk to the remaining housemates.

He added that he definitely wants to be a couple with Faye but he couldn’t understand why people had booed him saying: ‘I just really like her.’

Aaron ended his interview by saying that the best thing about being in the Big Brother house was ‘probably meeting Faye, Harry and Mark.’

The father-of-one revealed that he would spend his winnings on his son, before Brian revealed that the show will return in January 2012 with Celebrity Big Brother.

As the final credits rolled and the fireworks went off Brian could be heard reassuring the BB winner: ‘Don’t worry about the boos it’s just panto.’