Arg confronts Ricky and Ricky rants at Cara

He’s only appeared in three episodes, but Ricky Rayment has already caused trouble.

The newcomer showed his temper on The Only Way Is Essex after James ‘Arg’ Argent confronted him about flirting with his ex-girlfriend Lydia.

The 21-year-old caused a massive scene during his date with Cara Kilbey, leading a foul-mouthed rant in a restaurant.

Their intimate meeting had been interrupted by Arg, who was in the restaurant with his grandmother Nanny Brighton and his best friend Mark Wright’s sister Jessica and her grandmother Nanny Pat.

When Cara went to sit with the other group, Arg told Ricky: ‘Listen. Lydia’s not my girlfriend at this moment in time so she’s free to do whatever she wants…. the thing that bugs me is that you’re flirting with Lydia non stop… and you’re telling James and Diags that “Oh I wouldn’t crack on with Lydia because it’s fresh but I will move on to her soon”.’

What a great first date! Ricky had been on a date with Cara Kilbey before they were interrupted by Arg
Ricky had been on a date with Cara Kilbey

Ricky replied with: ‘I’m not cracking on with Lydia. Yes I’m a flirt. Yes, if I hadn’t known her for eight years, I probably would go out with her. She’s a lovely girl. You know that yourself.’

Arg continued: ‘I think you should take into consideration, we were together for four years, the breakups been hard on both of us, so maybe you should consider that a little bit.’

In previous episodes, Ricky was seen talking to Lydia in a spa during Sam Faiers’ house-warming party, and going for coffee with her later.

He added last night: ‘I could easily be muggy about this. I could say “What’s it got to do with you mate?” But i haven’t.’

Arg asked him outright: ‘I want to know now. are you either going to crack on with Lydia, or make snidey comments behind my back?’

But he insisted: I’m with Cara. That’s that. I’m not moving on with Lydia later on.’

Arg went back to his table and told the others: ‘I feel a bit better now but it’s all depending on what he does from here.’

A bit of family time! Arg was at the pub with his best friend Mark Wright's sister Jessica and their grandmothers

Cara then rejoins Ricky and he launched into a verbal attack about Arg.

‘He came at me like a hull in a china shop. I’m f****** fuming… with everyone right now. It’s bulls***. I’ve got the f****** hump. I’ve known the girl for 10 years. Why would I be talking about cracking on with her if it weren’t fresh?’

He explained that Joey and Diags had asked him if he would like to date Lydia and that he’s said he would if he hadn’t known her for so long and she hadn’t just broken up with Arg.

Where is he? Cara waits patiently for her date after Ricky called her to say he'd be lateJess then came to check what all the yelling was about, saying: ‘I just wanted to check she was allright. We could hear you shouting on the other side of the restaurant. You’re on a first date, you shouldn’t be doing this, seriously.’

Ricky quipped; ‘This is not a date. This is a drink.’

Cara said to him: ‘You’re so f****** loud and he said he couldn’t ‘help it’, adding ‘that really is me’.

Ricky has since tweeted about the incident, saying: ‘Didn’t mean to shout 🙁 lost my rag cos of the Arg sitch… @carakilbey knows I’ve apologised for being an idiot x.’

He then proceeded to re-tweet his ‘favourite’ messages of support from followers, and replied to a message from glamour model Jodie Marsh saying he’d apologised to Cara.

One message said that Arg ‘looked like the silly one’ and that he was ‘out of order’.

Arg also tweeted, saying: ‘Missed show 2night but thanks every1, so much love. So much better 2 say something to someones face then b**** n be 2 faced.’