Arg proves his ‘haters’ wrong at London Marathon

Just last month, James Argent was so unfit he couldn’t even run to the end of his road, but after some time at boot camp and a loss of 2 stone, 24-year-old Arg was proud to prove his ‘haters’ wrong when he completed the 32nd London Marathon yesterday.

The Only Way Is Essex star finished with a time of 06:01:01 and by 5pm, had raised £3308 for Cancer Research.

You can do it! An exhausted James 'Arg' Argent during the final leg of the London Marathon

The reality star proudly tweeted at the end of the race: ‘6 weeks ago i was 18 stone and couldnt run down my road. Just completed London Marathon.

‘Received so much stick n lots believed i wouldnt do it but proved those Haters/Doubters wrong! Hope Grandad Seamus is proud! #CancerResearch.’

He was joined by co-stars Cara Kilbey and Billi Mucklow, who finished with times of 05:47:45 and 06:02:37 respectively.

Wearing a large yellow cardboard arrow on his head with his name painted on in black, Arg set off with the 37,500 athletes from Blackheath Common.

Giving it all he's got: The Only Way Is Essex star finished with a time of 06:01:01He looked raring to go, laughing and joking with the other runners, before pulling the thumbs up for the cameras.

But during the race he looked to be struggling a little as he put his hand on his head.

He eventually took his headpiece off as he started to sweat profusely and ended up walking the last few miles of the race.

And after it was all over, the reality star was helped to a cart and driven to where his car was parked.

However he tweeted a photo of himself afterwards, smiling and showing off his

Arg revealed in February he would be running the marathon and only started his training last month.

He was reportedly warned by health experts that he will need to quit his unhealthy eating otherwise he would struggle with the race.

Arg went to bootcamp in Marbella with co-stars Gemma Collins and Joey Essex to get a bit of training in, and was seen running with his friend in the latest episode of TOWIE.

He revealed his three stone weight loss on the show, and also sported new veneers and shaped eyebrows.

Arg said his makeover was partly for ex-girlfriend and co-star Lydia Bright, who broke up with him over his lazy ways and for cheating on her, she said.


Proud of his work: Arg kept his fans up-to-date with his progress via Twitter


He also revealed yesterday that he lost weight after Joey Barton slagged him off on Twitter.

He admitted he was ’embarrassed’ by the QPR captain’s slurs.

Barton, 29, tweeted: ‘Leave it u stonehenge teeth. Cheeky man giving it bigguns, leave it large undies.

‘Right fatty now ur fair game. Can’t believe ur giving it with them teeth like a burnt down fence.’

Arg told the Daily Star: ‘Joey Barton had a real pop at me on Twitter. I don’t really care now. He’s just a bully.

‘But the stuff he said about my teeth really got to me. I had been planning to have them fixed for a while and it did give me that extra push.

‘I’m definitely looking better than Joey now!’