Arron pleased with nominations results

Arron has claimed that he’s ‘glad’ that he’s facing the second Big Brother 2012 eviction, after being nominated alongside Chris.

Big Brother revealed the results to the housemates last night, and Chris was quick to jump to conclusions, saying: “I knew it, I knew it. I’m not upset, but I knew it. I’m gone already.”

But his opponent disagreed, stating: “I think the public will f**king love you. Come give me a hug bro, let’s do this s**t together.”

The model added: “You know what, I’m glad I’m up, because now I get to see if the public think I’m a twat. I know the people in the house think I’m a twat, I’m up for nomination.

“I know some people in here will be happy as s**t right now.”

Meanwhile, Lydia – who survived the public vote with Conor on Friday – had some advice for the nominees. “We never went in the Diary Room and said we thought we were doing, us two were always like we wanna be here,” she commented. “If you do wanna stay, you have to start saying that you want to, otherwise the public will vote you out.”

“I think that was Victoria’s problem,” agreed Benedict.

Arron’s comments came just hours after he suggested viewers would save him in an eviction vote. Talking to Conor during nominations, he said: “The public will want to keep me in, I f**king hope so anyway, I’m not afraid. At the moment you want to stay in as long as you can.”

He added that he doesn’t ‘like to discuss nominations’, despite previously hatching a plot with Luke S to tactically keep the nominations rule change a secret.

The next eviction takes place this Friday at 10.00pm on Channel 5.