Balotelli in training ground bust-up with Mancini

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has been caught up in yet more controversy after being involved in a training ground bust-up with manager Roberto Mancini.

It is reported that tension between the pair spilled over into an ugly fracas as they had to be separated after a mistimed tackle by Balotelli on winger Scott Sinclair during  today’s training session at Carrington.

Balotelli tackle on winger Scott Sinclair

Balotelli is understood to have taken exception to Mancini’s intervention, leading to the pair having to be pulled apart.

It is reported that City staff including coach Brian Kidd rushed in to separate the duo, and photographs published on Twitter show there was an incident.

In the sequence of pictures Mancini is seen shouting towards Balotelli and pointing in an aggressive manner. He is then seen to grab hold of Balotelli’s orange bib in an apparent act of fury before the young striker is dragged away.

Mancini (left) grabs the bib of Mario Balotelli (right)


A short time later, Balotelli is believed to have left the training ground at Carrington, on the outskirts of Manchester.

Balotelli seen leaving training following bust-up with Mancini

The 22-year-old Italian has been involved in a series of controversies since his £24m move from Inter Milan in August 2010.

In December, Balotelli was set to take City to a tribunal over a two-week fine for missing 12 games last season because of suspensions. He later dropped the action and accepted the punishment, prompting Mancini to say he was willing to give the striker another chance.

In November, Mancini said he had no intention of selling the player despite his tempestuous relationship with his fellow Italian.

City have declined to comment and Mancini is expected to answer questions about the incident at his news conference on Friday morning.