BB’s Rebekah becomes face(& body)of new chat app

BB’s Rebekah becomes face(and bikini body)of new video chat app

Her ex-Big Brother housemate Aden swore he would marry her immediately after the pair spent their first night alone together in the outside world.

So it’s vaguely understandable why social networking site which connects models with online users via a video chat application- picked Rebekah Vaughan as their latest ‘face’.

Rebekah has reportedly signed a £200,000 per year deal to represent the site, which gives men the chance to have a one-to-one video calls with beauties such as herself.

How ‘saucy’ Rebekah’s first pictures turned out is perhaps up for debate.
Provocative: Ex Big Brother housemate Rebekah Vaughan posed during a shoot for new Social Media Website, of which she is now the face


For her beach shots she donned an orange and white bikini with a generously sized bottom half, teamed with a Saucytime crop top for some shots.

Rebeckah held her platinum hair up in her hands as she struck several poses on the somewhat rocky looking sand, sticking her tongue out in what must be assumed was a deliberately saucy gesture.
Mismatch? Rebekah's chunky black buckled heels made a recurring appearance throughout the shoot Mismatch? Rebekah's chunky black buckled heels made a recurring appearance throughout the shoot


28-year-old Rebeckah was reunited with her now boyfriend Aden immediately after he was evicted from the Big Brother house.

Her enamoured beau later recalled: ‘It was amazing to spend time away from the cameras. We had a big catch-up and a chat – I only got a couple of hours’ sleep. We can’t stop staring at each other.’

The couple, who became boyfriend and girlfriend on live television, are now planning to move in together and get ‘serious’.

It took just 48 hours for their love to blossom after entering the Big Brother house.

Aden, a psychology student who claims ‘girls fall at my feet’, was giving housemate Rebeckah a foot massage when she asked him into her bed.

The tattooed 18-year-old didn’t exactly play hard to get, accepting the invitation immediately and climbing in under the covers.


Showing off her figure: Rebekah was clearly comfortable with her toned body