Big Brother 13: Lydia upset over Shievonne joke

Big Brother’s Lydia Louisa has been left distraught following a comment made by Shievonne.

The professional dancer – who is the favourite to be evicted from Big Brother tomorrow – became upset when Shievonne said something about her craving for fame, causing her to storm to the Diary Room to have a rant, but before she even got in there, she unleashed her feelings to Deana – who nominated her for eviction.

While Deana was waiting to go in the Diary Room herself, Lydia terfully ranted: “Please let me in there with you, I’m about to get upset, I just need some space.

Bursting into tears, Lydia added: “I literally f**king give up. I’m sharing a bed with the girl, and she said, ‘I’m not in here for the fame’.

“When the f**k did I ever say that? I could’ve come here and I could’ve been like, ‘I’ve done this, this and this’. Because I’ve said I’m not saying it, then it’s given people ammunition against me.

“Should I have just come in here, giving out all my credentials? You’ll see the music on tonight, and you’ll know I’m a dancer because that’s what I do!”

However, Deana criticised Lydia’s reaction by claiming she was “stressing too much”.

Before the 25-year-old’s outburst, Shievonne appeared sarcastic by saying, “Oops, she looks upset”.

However, the pair resolved their differences later on, with Lydia referring to her relationship with popstar Andy Scott-Lee.