Black Eyed Peas releasing new single next month

Black Eyed Peas are set to release new music next month…albeit on’s new solo album. recently announced that Black Eyed Peas are reuniting and now he’s teased us with the promise of new music.

Having released no new tracks since their 2010 album The Beginning​​, the star said that we can expect a song from the group as early as next month.

Speaking to NRJ, he confirmed that his fifth solo album will be released on May 27, and that Black Eyed Peas will feature on the record.

“We did a song together. It’ll be on my new project,” he explained.

“And we’re going to do Black Eyed Peas on Apl (’sject, we’re doing Black Eyed Peas on Taboo’s project so we’re just going to make sure that Black Eyed Peas has some visibility this year. It’s something that we’re really excited about.”

Meanwhile, Fergie is also finishing up a new solo album named Double Dutchess.