‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Ashleigh and Pudsey make £1million

Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey are set to become millionaires after the dancing dog signed a book deal thought to be worth £350,000.

Ashleigh Butler and her canine companion pocketed £500,000 in prize money after becoming the first act featuring a dog to win Britain’s Got Talent, and since then the pair have increased their earnings with a series of public appearances.

The duo are thought to have secured a £150,000 fee to appear in panto this Christmas, while the pair’s publishing deal with Little, Brown is thought to be worth £350,000.

It was previously believed that Pudsey had signed a deal worth £100,000 with Orion Books, but it seems the pair received a better offer.

A source told the Daily Mirror: ‘Ashleigh and Pudsey are now millionaires thanks to this book deal and hopefully it is just the beginning.

‘The book will be an autobiography, or an autobidography, as it is being dubbed. It will be out in December for Christmas and will tell the story of how Pudsey became such an amazing performing dog.

‘The pair also have a panto deal and are heading out to America this month for chat show appearances, including a slot on the hugely popular Jay Leno show that could make them global stars.’

It is thought BGT boss Simon Cowell, who described Ashleigh and Pudsey as one of his ‘favourite ever acts’, could write the introduction to the book.

During the show’s final in May, he told Ashleigh: ‘I’ve worked it out: I think Pudsey is training you. One of my favourite ever acts. You know how much I love dogs.

‘I adore both of you Ashleigh and Pudsey. You’ve got better and better. What you’ve done is such a short time is a miracle.’

17-year-old Ashleigh has previously tipped Pudsey to become the next big name in the canine acting world, saying: ‘I could totally see him in films, he really knows how to pose for the camera and I reckon he’d make a better actor than Lassie.’

It’s unclear how Ashleigh and Pudsey will use their new-found wealth, but Ashleigh has previously vowed to ensure her pet receives a fair share of their earnings.

One of her first purchases was thought to be a treadmill for her doggy pal, after Pudsey put on weight after consuming too many treats during his time on BGT.