Britain’s Got Talent in chaos over last-minute edits

Britain’s Got Talent was reportedly in chaos last night after Simon Cowell ordered last-minute edits and rewrites of tonight’s episode.

The judge, who also produces the show, is said to have demanded so many changes that none of his staff knew which acts would feature in the final cut yesterday.

Britain’s Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern was ordered to catch the first train from Manchester to London to record new links, he told The Sun.

“Simon changes it up until the last minute, I’ve literally only just done the voice-over for the show that is going out tomorrow. He’ll take stories out and he’ll twist bits about and he’ll say, ‘I don’t want that there, and I want it there’,” Mulhern said.

“He’ll watch both shows throughout the week and chop them about, so I’ve had to come back in to redo the voice-over. People don’t realise how all over it he is.

“He is a judge but he also covers every bit of that show, there is not one bit that goes out that he hasn’t signed off. I find if phenomenal, if not incredible.

“I had to come in twice! I was in Manchester last night so I had to travel back on the 7am train to be in for 9am, so they could deliver it to ITV for 1pm.”

The changes come as Britain’s Got Talent faces increasing competition from BBC’s The Voice UK