CBB: Jasmine Lennard stamps her authority on Celebrity Big Brother


The housemates are in and already the strong character are making themselves known.

When soap stars Julie Goodyear and Cheryl Fergison kicked off with a staged row, it was Jasmine Lennard who lived up to her reputation by running to Cheryl’s side and stating: “I’m queen b**** and I’ve got your back.”

However, when Big Brother gathered the housemates on the sofas and revealed that the fight was all part of a task which the women passed, Jasmine said she didn’t “trust either of these two bitches now! They were serious.”

The celebrities then moved into the garden for a soap themed party which was given to them as a reward for passing the very first task of the series.

But while everybody began to mingle, Jasmine emerged at the centre of the action by both shamelessly flirting with one housemate and encouraging another to start an argument.

The model spoke to Prince Lorenzo about her bad behvaiour and told him: “I’ve been on the whole Paris, Milan scene for a while… My behaviour is bad. It is unpredictable and unmanageable.”

Love is in the air: Prince Lorenzo and Jasmine enjoyed some casual flirting as they spoke about their star signs

After asking him what his star sign was she said to him: “Are you a Gemini? Gemini is just the worst sign ever but I’m so attracted to them. They contradict themselves so much.”

The pair then spent several more minutes discussing what they are famous for and how they ended up on the show as the other stars downed cans of bitter and played darts.

Later in the evening when most the housemates had gone inside, Jasmine and Harvey sat and discussed why they get along so well.

Jasmine said: “It is because we’re both addicts. Your a sex and love addict.”

New best friends: Jasmine and Harvey hit it off and seemed to get on well as they discussed their blossoming relationship

Harvey tried to defend himself and said: ‘Ive been with two women who were well known. I don’t enjoy hurting people.’

Jasmine then said: “I’m of the belief that if I’m with a man and he goes away on a weekend for business and does something, I can accept that. Just don’t embarrass me.”

She added: “I don’t speak that language of love – it’s like Chinese to me.”