Celebrities pack into Michael’s bed for shopping task

After 11 days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the contestants are used to being holed up together in a confined environment.

But their lack of personal space got even more pronounced when they ended up in the same bed.

As part of the ‘a minute to get in it’ shopping task, the 11 housemates piled on top of each other on Michael Madsen’s mattress.

In a two day task, Big Brother will be challenging the housemates to get ‘in’ a series of situations and objects within 60 seconds in a bid to win a £500 luxury shopping budget.

Whenever they hear Big Brother say ‘a minute to get in it’ and the sound of the giant clocking in the sitting room ticking, they must rush to wherever they are told.

Group hug: The housemates huddle together in a bid to please Big Brother

They then must remain in whatever ‘it’ is until Big Brother gives them permission to leave.

In another part of the task, all the housemates huddled together in Big Brother’s pants – which were understandably huge given the fact 11 people were ‘wearing’ them.

Eventually they were joined by the rest of the housemates and it didn’t take too long before some started looking rather uncomfortable.

Hopefully arch-enemies Denise Welch and Michael weren’t placed too intimately near each other.

Other parts of the task sees them having to get into the diary room, a giant shoe and a fat suit.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 10pm.