Celebrity Big Brother is ‘make or break’ for Kerry Katona

kerry katona

Former Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost has said Celebrity Big Brother will either make or break Kerry Katona.

The Snog Marry Avoid? presenter replace Katona in the girl band in 2001.

Frost said that Big Brother fans want to see what Kerry is “really like”.

She told the Daily Star: “I’ve not seen Kerry in years but I was good friends with her ex-husband Brian McFadden.

“She’s had many highs and lows since then and I think there will be lots of eyes on her because people want to see what she’s really like.”

Jenny added: “This will make her or break her, really, but I wish her the best.

“My only hope is that her horrible ex Mark Croft doesn’t come out of the woodwork again. He’s bad news.”

Discussing the celebs who will be entering the reality house, Frost said they will all have “a gameplan”.

She said: “Whether consciously or sub-consciously, they will have an idea of how they want to act or be seen.

“But it’s natural that once they start to relax and get to know everyone their guard will drop.

“There are some really nice, genuine, down-to-earth people in there and some others who will be placed to deliberately cause friction.”

She added: “What I can tell you is that Channel 5 are really pulling out all the stops to make sure this will be the best Big Brother yet and I, for one, will be glued to all the action.”