Charlie Sheen to take on Anger Management role?

Well, this ought to set therapy back 100 years.

Charlie Sheen is  in talks to star in a sitcom based on the 2003 Jack  NicholsonAdam  Sandler comedy Anger Management, as, no, not the guy who  too easily flies off the handle and needs help getting a grip…

Instead, studio honcho turned producer Joe Roth (Alice  in Wonderland, the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman,  etc.)  wants the unpredictable star to play a character based on the  Nicholson role of kooky counselor who’s a lot better at enraging his patients  than he is at calming them down, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Sheen’s version would be an ex-athlete (hey, Wild Thing!) who has to deal  with his own rage issues while helping folks who’ve landed in court-ordered  anger management.

Per the trade, Roth is in talks with Lionsgate to finance and distribute the  sitcom in hopes of having a pilot ready to go for network consideration in fall  2012 (they can probably count TBS out). He’s also still hunting for a showrunner to  tie this zany idea together.

Roth has worked with Sheen on five films, including Major League, Young Guns, and The Three Musketeers.

And he hasn’t been scared off yet, so this just might work!