Cheating gagging orders to be lifted in US…today

A string of high-profile British footballers and the married manager of a Premier League club who obtained gagging orders to hush up alleged affairs and an apparent sexting scandal are to be named in the US today.

One of the stars sought an injunction to cover up two accusations of cheating – the first time just weeks before his wedding.

The club boss allegedly asked for a woman to send him pictures of herself in high heels, stockings and without underwear as a reward for his team winning an away game.

The allegations also involve a married footballer said to have had a fling with model Kim West. A third footballer went to court last year to prevent an affair he allegedly had with a celebrity being made public.

It means millions around the world will be able to read about the sordid claims while UK publications still cannot publish the full details.

The revelations come after a string of controversial privacy cases, including a recent Supreme Court ruling banning publication of the name of a married celebrity who took part in a threesome.

Last week it emerged a world famous singer obtained a gagging order to hush up claims he sexually harassed his hairdresser.

The global star faced an employment tribunal over the allegations last year and settled the case out of court in February.

But his lawyers are still wrangling over attempts to prevent him being identified and have taken their fight to the Court of Appeal.