‘Cheers for cheating’ Millie outs Hugo & Rosie

Millie Mackintosh had given her friend Rosie Fortescue the benefit of the doubt when it came to rumours that she had got together with her ex-boyfriend Hugo Taylor while they were still together.

But in the series two finale of Made In Chelsea last night, the make-up artist was devastated when she discovered it was true.

In a rage over their double betrayal, the 22-year-old decided to humiliate Hugo and Rosie by announcing their deceit to all their mutual friends over a microphone at a party.

Here's to friendship: Millie Mackintosh announces to the whole party that her ex Hugo Taylor cheated on her with friend Millie Mackintosh in the Series 2 finale of Made In Chelsea

The dramatic scenes took place during Francis Boulle and Mark-Francis Vandelli’s roaring twenties-themed joint birthday party.

Looking quite the part in a white silk dress and beaded headdress, the Quality Street heiress jumped up on stage and shouted at Hugo and Rosie.

Grabbing a glass of champagne, she toasted the birthday boys, before adding: ‘A second toast to my best friend Rosie for hooking up with Hugo Taylor when we were together and lying about it.’

After a collective gasp around the room, she added: ‘Here’s to friendship.’

Then storming past Rosie, 21, she fumed: ‘You’re disgusting.’