Cher Lloyd says ‘unhappy’ critics just have ‘insecurities’

Cher Lloyd has had more than her fair shar of criticism…some may even say downright abuse, but this Geodie lass isn’t letting the ‘haters’ get her down, telling Bliss Magazine she feels sorry for those slagging her off.

With Simon Cowell’s support, nearly half a million Twitter supporters and a debut album on the way, Cher is certainly the one having the last laugh – which she addresses in her forthcoming single ‘Swagger Jagger’, singing: ‘Hi hater/ Kiss kiss/ See you later.’

Having catapulted into the spotlight by coming fourth on last year’s X Factor, the petite star has matured beyond her years.

She said: ‘Some people find it hard to come to terms with the fact that everyone is different.


Cover girl: Cher features in latest edition of Bliss
Cover girl: Cher features in Bliss

‘I think it all boils down to their own insecurities – if you’re unhappy with yourself, you’re going to pick on someone else, and that’s what they’re doing. I feel sorry for them.’

Speaking of her new single, she said: ‘There are certain lines in the song that basically explain that, no matter what I do, people won’t stop writing about me and talking about me all the time.

‘I’m still in people’s minds, whether they like me or they hate me.’

Cher said she still speaks to Syco boss Cowell, saying: ‘We have a really good relationship – it’s a truthful one.

‘If there’s anything that he doesn’t feel will benefit me or lead me in the right direction, he’ll give me advice, which is the whole reason I went to the show – for his advice.

‘To see whether I was good enough. He’s like an uncle. Uncle Si!

‘Yeah, I do text him. I never put kisses though! Always a smiley face.’

She also credited her fans with giving her strength, adding: ‘It’s really good. I call them my brats because they’re feisty.

‘I don’t even have to open my mouth – they do it for me. I couldn’t do it without them.’