Cher Lloyd talks Swagger Jagger

Cher Lloyd’s been getting a pretty mixed reaction about her new single Swagger Jagger. A lot of people are saying they hate it, a lot are saying they love it and the video’s awesome –¬†MOST are asking ‘what the heck does Swagger Jagger mean?’ but you can’t deny its catchy…

Cher’s not letting the negativity get to her though, and is still proudly backing up her debut single.

“I pray Swagger Jagger will be number¬†one,” she told RWD magazine.

“Even if it’s just for a day. It’s such a club banger. It’s a summer anthem.”

She also chatted about her album, saying that not all the tracks will sound like Swagger Jagger as the album has a “massive amount of variety.”

“Sometimes you can listen to a track or two from an artist and they sound exactly the same, but I’ve tried to steer away from that.

“It’s like I’ve got a music box and there’s wild things popping out all over the place.

“You could describe it as ‘Swag-Pop’ but I’d also describe it as ‘Grit-Ya-Teeth’ as well. Like ‘eurggghhhh.’