Cheryl Cole leaps back into the spotlight on The Voice

Determined to come back with a bang, Cheryl Cole – now know just as Cheryl – decided to silence critics with a dramatic entrance onto the stage on The Voice last night.

The 28-year-old leapt from a platform into the arms of her dancers at the start of her performance of Call My Name.

The singer wasted no time throwing herself into a dynamic fast-paced dance routine, leaving some fans wondering if the star was miming the song.

Cheryl was oozing attitude on stage and was seen grabbing her crotch as well as making the letter C with her hand.

What an entrance: Cheryl Cole was seen swan diving off a platform and into the arms of her dancers as she began her performance on The Voice tonight

Cheryl looked great on stage in a pair of bright flowery trousers, a leopard print boob tube, hot pink waistcoat, finished off with glittering cuffs and a pair of leopard print boots.

Not many artists would have been able to pull off the sexy genie look but Cheryl somehow pulled it off with style.

Call my name: The 28-year-old put on an energetic performance and showed off her impressive dance skills

Call my name: The 28-year-old put on an energetic performance and showed off her impressive dance skills


She's back! Cheryl didn't disappoint with her spectacular performance on the show and it didn't seem to matter to fans she wasn't singing live

Following her performance Cheryl joined Holly Willoughby for a quick chat and she was obviously out of breath.

When Holly asked her about her dramatic entrance Cheryl joked: ‘I was looking for the quickest way to the stage.’

Her big return: The singer appeared confident as she performed her big come back on The Voice


The former X Factor presenter said she ‘loved’ the show, which could be seen as a dig back at Simon for dropping her from the US talent show.

Given she decided to debut her new song on the BBC show speaks volumes.

Cheryl also gave a few words of advice to the semi-final contestants.

She said: “I would say to just don’t forget why you came to the show.”

Adding: “Just live your dream.”

The interview was notably brief perhaps because the singer was seen panting, which raises suspicion as to how she could have been singing while performing her elaborate dance moves.

Ahead of her performance Cheryl said she would be singing live, but according to The Sun her voice was pre-recorded just in case.

A source told the paper: ‘Everyone is supportive of her wish to sing live but just like when she was on the X Factor, her performance will be pre-recorded so there is a big safety net there.’

‘The show is called The Voice – the singing that they broadcast needs to be perfect.’

Plenty of famous faces were quick to pass judgement on Cheryl’s performance and her friend and Girls Aloud colleague Nicola Roberts tweeted: ‘Go chezzaaaaaaaa!!! I’m so proud I could cry!!!!!’

Emma Bunton posted: ‘I bloody love ‘call my name’ brilliant performance @CherylCole’, who is a Voice judge and Cheryl’s manager took a pic of her on stage and wrote: ‘That’s my girl @CherylCole rockin it #thevoiceUK.’

Will was seen standing and clapping throughout her whole performance and appeared to be enjoying it as much as the audience.