Cheryl Cole shows off large rose tattoo


Cheryl Cole last night revealed a large red rose tattoo on her lower back while performing to her home crowd in Newcastle as part of the Girls Aloud farewell tour..

The tattoo seems to have been placed on top of the butterfly design she had in the same area before.

Cole previously spoke of having large body art back in 2011, saying: “If it was up to me – and I could be brave for one day – I would have my whole back done.


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“My friends say, ‘Cheryl, please, you might regret it’, but to me, it’s art.”

Her other tattoos include a barbed wire on her right thigh and a Polynesian tribal sign on her hand.

Appearing at the Metro Arena with her Girls Aloud bandmates, Cole told the crowd: “There is no other place in the world we’d rather be than here with you Geordies.

“Are you ready to party with us? It’s been a long time coming!”