Cheryl Slammed For “Splitting Up” SiCo & Paula

Fans have attacked Chezza for sitting between them on the US XF panel…

Cheryl Cole has apparently infuriated fans of The X Factor USA for taking her seat on the American panel next to Simon Cowell, leaving US favourite Paula Abdul out in the cold.

According to The Sun, fans of the series have blasted Chezza for coming between SiCo and Abdul – after the pair were reunited since their stint as judges on American Idol.

On the first day of auditions in Los Angeles, Paula sat next to Cowell but on the following day, the Girls Aloud beauty swapped places with the 48-year old, leaving fans of Simon and Abdul fuming.

People in the US took to Twitter to slam Cole for splitting up the music mogul and Paula, with one fan tweeting: “I resent the heck out of Cheryl 4 screwing up the reunion of the century! Why?”

Another added: “Paula is our sweet little angel! Why is Simon letting that big-haired girl take her seat?”

A TV insider has since responded to the comments, telling the tabloid: “The American public were desperate to get Simon and Paula back together – their chemistry on Idol was TV gold.”

They added: “Some want them to get together as a couple. So to see Cheryl in between them put her in the firing line.”

Cheryl may have proved a hit in America so far but The Mirror has also reported that The Flood singer was booed at the second day of auditions for being “too harsh” on some hopefuls.

A source told the newspaper: “Cheryl was noticeably tougher – but stood up to all the flak brilliantly especially as it was a much harsher crowd than the UK version,”

“She’s got a job to do and she coped admirably. The booing wasn’t personal at her – all the panel got a rough ride. It’s part and parcel of her job to make difficult decisions that not everyone agrees with.”

One person who is more than happy with Cole’s move to America is pal, Will.I.Am, who is said to have thrown the singer a welcome party after being made a member of Cheryl’s US management team.

The Sun reports that the Black Eyed Peas frontman introduced Chezza to some key contacts at the bash, with a source claiming: “Will was keen to settle Cheryl in LA and put her in touch with some important people.”

They explained: “He’s filled her diary over the next few weeks so she has plenty to do. He hopes to improve her profile and ensure she doesn’t get homesick.”

Despite Will’s best efforts, Cheryl has already returned to the UK, after being spotted wearing a grey tracksuit at LAX airport as she made her way back to Blighty.

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