Cheryl & Taio making sweet music together…

Falling In Love: Is Cheryl Cole getting close to Taio Cruz after  finally forgetting Ashley?


There may have been rumours of a reconciliation with her ex-husband, but it seems Cheryl Cole has found a different man to keep her company now.

The singer has reportedly been cosying up to British rapper, Taio Cruz, after the pair have spent time collaborating on the singer’s new album.

The 28-year-old pop star is apparently still on speaking terms with Ashley Cole, but has finally decided to move on.
Ready to move on: Cheryl Cole is reportedly getting close to rapper Taio Cruz after finally deciding not to gibe Ashley Cole a second chance


A friend of the pop star told Heat magazine: ‘Cheryl is ready to move onwards and upwards in her love life.’

And it seems that she feels Taio is the right man to move on with.

The Take Me Back singer-songwriter, who is also 28, first worked with Cheryl back in 2009 on her single, Stand Up, which features on her debut album.

But now they’re back in the studio and both single, the pair have reportedly been flirting with one another and have gotten quite close.

'Beautiful and caring': Cheryl has told her friends how she feels about the rapper after collaborating with him for a second time

‘Taio is beautiful, caring and so amazing,’ Cheryl has told her friends.

‘He gives me the confidence I thought I’d lost. I’m completely clumsy and dippy around him.’

And it seems that the feeling is mutual as just over a week ago Taio posted a photo of Cheryl on his Twitter page of her wearing one of his Rokstarr watch designs.

‘The Gorgeous miss Cheryl Cole, Sporting her new Black and Gold RXTR “R1” Watch’ he tweeted – meaning that the pair are obviously spending a lot of time together.

He also tweeted a post the following day – again referencing to the Girls Aloud singer, who is known to enjoy a cigarette or two.

‘My personal request to hot girls! STOP SMOKING!!! Seems like every hot girl i see lately seems to come bundled with cancersticks.’

The rapper split with his long-term girlfriend, model Roxy Horner, this year so no doubt he’s seeing Cheryl in a different light to when they first collaborated.