Chisora loses fight licence

Dereck Chisora has had his licence withdrawn by the British Boxing Board of Control following his clash with David Haye in Munich.

The Londoner was involved in a number of controversial incidents before and after his WBC heavyweight title challenge against Vitali Klitschko, slapping his opponent at the weigh-in, spitting water at Klitschko’s brother Wladimir and brawling with British rival David Haye following the points defeat.

Chisora was called before the Board in Cardiff on Wednesday and Warren revealed he has had his licence taken away indefinitely.

“His licence got withdrawn and what will happen now is we’ll consider whether to appeal the decision,” Warren said.

Chisora, who was smiling and laughing outside the Board’s headquarters as Warren addressed the media, has 14 days to appeal.

Board secretary Robert Smith said: “The board have decided Dereck Chisora is not a fit and proper person to hold a licence and have withdrawn it with immediate effect.”

The lack any of timescale on the ban means it is unclear whether Chisora will be kept out of the ring for around six months or punished heavily and banished for life.

Smith also confirmed that while the Board cannot hold Haye to account because he is officially retired, they will take his role in the brawl into account should he apply to regain his licence.

Smith said: “Dereck Chisora, by his own admission, did not behave in a manner consistent of a professional boxer and let down not only himself and his family but also all of those licence holders who behave in a professional and disciplined manner”.

He continued: “The stewards of the British Boxing Board of Control want to make it absolutely clear that such behaviour by any licence holder will not be tolerated.

“Accordingly, they have decided that Dereck Chisora is not a fit and proper person to hold a British Boxing Board of Control boxer’s licence and his licence has been withdrawn with immediate effect.

“With regard to David Haye, he is not a licence holder with the Boxing Board of Control. However, if he should apply for a licence with the British Boxing Board of Control, the part he played in the disgraceful scenes that occurred in the post-contest press conference will be considered and taken into account by the stewards before any decision is made.”

Chisora revealed he apologised to the Board stewards at the hearing – as he did to thewider public in a statement in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

He also made a cryptic comment when asked if he had anything to say to his fans.

“Three letters – MGM, here I come,” he said.

Warren added: “I was happy with certain aspects of (the hearing) and unhappy with other aspects. The fact of the matter is slapping someone and spitting water was not (an) acceptable situation.

“We do not accept for one minute that what happened after the fight was Dereck’s responsibility. He did not throw the first punch. We’ve demonstrated that and proved that.

“I think some of the things that Dereck got involved in in the past has caused the board to make this decision. We will now consider, over the next few days, what the situation is and then he’ll decide whether he wants to appeal the decision or what he wants to do.”

Asked whether it was a life ban, Warren said: “Look, it’s not a life ban. Licence withdrawn…that’s not a life ban.

“If he gets re-licenced, he could fight. That’s for us to decide. There’s an appeal process and we’ll go through that process.”

Board secretary Smith would not indicate how long Chisora’s licence will be withheld.

“There is no set period when he can reapply for his licence. He no longer is a licence holder with the British Boxing Board of Control.

“Any person is allowed to reapply at some point. Obviously the Board will consider any application – and I mean any application – but as of today, Mr Chisora does not hold a British Boxing Board of Control licence.”