Chris James is evicted from Big Brother House

Bouncer and bailiff Chris James is the second housemate to be evicted from Big Brother 2012, it has been announced.

The 21-year-old lasted eleven days in the house before losing out to model Arron Lowe in this week’s public vote. He recieved five nominations from his fellow housemates earlier this week.

Discussing why the viewers chose to evict him over Arron, Chris told presenter Brian Dowling”It was a good laugh in there, but I was myself, there are too many players, I wanted to be myself, that’s why I’m out.

“We heard a little something last night about how many followers [Arron]‘s got on Twitter. I’m not saying nothing, but I think that might have helped. And the bailiff thing, that don’t really go down well. I did have a go at the wildcard didn’t I?”

He was then shown his nominations, expressing shock over Ashleigh’s vote. “I’m a bit surprised about that one, ‘cos that means she’s a bit two faced she’s always been nice to me,” he said.

Talk soon turned to his aforementioned tiff with Becky. “She got involved when she didn’t need to get involved, and I saw through her like glass,” commented Chris.

“I find her quite annoying, not gonna lie. I think cause she was the wildcard she is loved by the public, and when the public saw I didn’t like her, they must not have liked me. I’ll put everything on the line she’s up for nomination next Friday, and we’ll see how it goes then.”

Asked if he was intimidated by the buff bodies in the house, Chris answered: “Not at all. I’m a manly man. I know for a fact I’m stronger than most of them.

“I think Benedict had the best body and he’s the oldest man in there!”

He also called Scott a ‘sheep’ and said he’d like Benedict to win – and Becky to be evicted next.