Conor Maynard reveals his surprising collaboration wish list

Conor Maynard has made quite a name for himself lately going from YouTube sensation to chart topping star, so it goes without question that he’d have collaboration on his mind.  His choice however may totally surprise his teen following, as he’d revealed he’d like to work with Susan Boyle.

The ‘Can’t Say No’ singer told James Merritt on Free Radio that he would enjoy an unusual collaboration with the Britain’s Got Talent star.

“I think I’d wanna to go for someone weird like Susan Boyle,” Maynard said.

“I think that would be crazy – like me and Susan Boyle on a track… It’s like Jay-Z and Kanye [West], Conor and Susan.”

Of whether he would like to work with fellow young stars One Direction, he added: “Watching One Direction blowing up in America was insane. I was actually in America when that all happened. That was crazy.

“They’ve done so well. I remember when I was starting, I was in with all the producers at the same time as they were. We worked with a lot of the same people on our albums.

“I mean a collaboration could be a cool thing to do. I don’t know what kinda song we’d both go on at the same time, it would have to be very cool.”

Maynard last month announced a full UK tour.