Conor Maynard unfollows Zayn Malik

Conor Maynard has unfollowed Zayne Malik after his Twitter attack on Calvin Harris.

The singer said that Malik’s “abysmal” tweet to Calvin Harris during their recent online spat prompted him to unfollow the former One Direction star.

Speaking backstage at Thorpe Park Resort’s Island Beats festival, Maynard said: “Keep it to texts, maybe send an email… just not on Twitter so it looks like bait. Like you’re publicly doing it.”


Zayn Malik at the Valentino show, Paris Men's Fashion Week
Zayne sensationally quit One Direction earlier this year


“Come up with better comebacks if you’re going to do it. The stuff he comes back with is just abysmal… When he said to Calvin, ‘Calm down before your dentures fall out’… I genuinely unfollowed him because of that tweet,” he added.

Maynard had previously said he’d like to work with Malik on is solo material, however the former 1D’s sniping has left a sour taste in his mouth.

Maynard also said that he actually enjoys seeing negative tweets about himself as they help to keep him grounded.

“It’s kind of funny. I actually enjoy the negative ones. It definitely brings you back down to earth. It doesn’t bother me,” he explained.

“My mates will rip me way worse than anyone else can because they know me, so they can get really personal and I can be like, ‘How dare you say that guys, that’s really hurtful!’

“So yeah, I can handle haters really well because my friends are way worse.”