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Cops called to Person Of Interest set after terrified residents call 911

Police drama Person of Interest was shut down in New York after a gun scene from the show was mistaken for the real thing, causing terrified residents to call 911 for help.

Manhattan residents saw people with guns, assumed they were real, and called the New York Police Department who dispatched officers to the scene, according to a report in TMZ on Wednesday.

When the NYPD attended the scene, outdoor filming of the CBS crime drama was shut down and the show’s permit was revoked.

The show centers on The Machine, a massive surveillance computer system that predicts crimes, but the prop guns used on the set caught some Big Apple residents by surprise.

Gun scenes on the show were supposed to be filmed with NYPD supervisors on the set and since none were present, the outdoor filming was shut down.

The mayor’s office confirmed the show’s permit was revoked, which forced producers to stop filming.

Production company sources told TMZ the incident occurred due to a scheduling error that moved filming up before NYPD monitors arrived.

The incident did not impact the filming of indoor scenes that continued without interruption.

Person of Interest stars Jim Caviezel as former CIA officer John Reese and Michael Emerson as reclusive billionaire software genius Harold Finch, who built The Machine after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to prevent future attacks.