Coronation Street reveals Rovers Return fire details

Coronation Street producers have revealed details about the upcoming Rovers Return fire which will kill off one of Weatherfield’s best known characters and trap many others.

Filming has now begun for the storyline, directed by Tony Prescott, who also oversaw the tram crash episodes for the soap’s 50th anniversary in 2010.

Special effects expert Danny Hargreaves will also be involved in the filming of the plot, following his work on the tram crash.


Firefighters getting ready for the Rovers fire 

© Twitter / @itvcorrie

Corrie's SFX Supervisor, Danny Hargreaves, setting up for the Rovers fire

“When the fire is finally put out, the Rovers will stand in ruins,” an insider claimed. “Next thing, the pub bursts into flames.”

It is the first time news of the fire has been confirmed by Coronation Street following last month’s newspaper reports.

The Rovers will be rebuilt on a bigger scale after it is destroyed by the fire.