EastEnders: Kat Moon affair heats up as she returns to the square

The Kat Moon affair saga enters a new chapter next week as she and husband Alfie return to Albert Square.

Hoping that their marriage is on the road to recovery after their holiday, Alfie and Kat return to Walford with the hope of putting  Kat’s admission of an affair behind them.

Unfortunately for Kat, her reappearance at the Vic is more awkward than anticipated as the three Branning brothers are all present as she arrives home.



With the suspects in the storyline now narrowed down to either Derek, Jack or Max, it’s clear that one of the three men is the last person Kat wanted to see immediately upon her return… but which one is it?

While that question remains unanswered for now, it’s clear that Kat’s mystery guy isn’t willing to give up on her without a fight.

When the Branning brothers arrive for a drink at the pub at the end of next week, Kat spots an envelope addressed to her on the bar. Enclosed is a key and a note asking Kat to meet at the flat. Will she go?