EastEnders: Michael Moon to manipulate Jean Slater

EastEnders schemer Michael Moon seizes an opportunity to manipulate Jean Slater next week.

The pair’s unlikely friendship continues in upcoming episodes as Jean (Gillian Wright) helps an agitated Michael to find his key fob when it goes missing, realising that it has sentimental value for him.

A grateful Michael (Steve John Shepherd) later repays the favour by helping Jean in the kitchen at the Queen Vic, spotting that she’s upset following another discussion about whether Alfie (Shane Richie) can afford to keep employing her at the pub.

However, when the police arrest a new suspect in the Heather Trott murder case, it doesn’t take long for Michael to turn the situation to his advantage by winding Jean up.

As the latest person in the frame for the crime had lots of money in their possession, Michael teases Jean that she could become a murder victim herself – as her recent scratch card win makes her an easy target.

When Michael suggests to Jean that she should keep safe by investing the cash, it seems that he has a plan in mind – especially as it comes following conflict with Janine over finances. How will Jean react?

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.