EastEnders: Patrick discovers Ian’s secret

Patrick is left with a difficult decision to make as he discovers Ian’s secret on EastEnders next week.

Trouble brews as ruthless Rainie continues to put pressure on Ian, wanting more money in exchange for her silence over his whereabouts on Good Friday.

When Ian ignores Rainie’s latest phone calls, she heads back to Walford and orders him to pay up or else.

Later, Ian hopes that he has managed to get rid of Rainie once and for all. However, when she bumps into Patrick, she happily reveals that Ian paid her for sex on the night that his daughter Lucy was murdered.


Patrick runs into Rainie who is looking for Ian

Patrick is disgusted when he hears what Ian has done and doesn’t waste much time before confronting him, but will he reveal the truth to the businessman’s fiancée Denise Fox?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday, July 18 at 8pm on BBC One.