EastEnders: Roxy and Jack end up in bed together

The last time they ended up in bed together, it resulted in the accidental conception of their daughter Amy.

But despite their bitter fight for custody of the three-year-old, it appears there’s still chemistry between Jack Branning and his sister-in-law Roxy.

Just days before they’re set to battle in the courtroom, Roxy and Jack ended up sleeping together.

The pair end up in a passionate embrace after a heated argument over their daughter.

Jack brands Roxy an unfit mother, leading her to break down.

But despite all the history between them – including Jack’s marriage and now impending divorce from jailed Ronnie – and the vicious tug-of-love over Amy, they give in to their urges.

The next morning, the confused pair are left wondering what it means for their custody battle, with paranoid Roxy accusing Jack of planning it.

While they both agree it was a mistake, they admit they can’t ignore what happened.

Little does Roxy know at the time, that Jack has forged her signature on documents to get a passport for Amy.

Of course being soapland, it isn’t long before Roxy finds out, thanks to her scheming ex Michael Moon, who found the documents in Jack’s desk at work.

But will Roxy use them against Jack when it comes to their court battle later next week?

The episode will be screened on BBC1 on Tuesday 7 February at 7.30pm.