EastEnders: Shock arrest stuns the Mitchells

Ben and Jay struggle to hold it together.
Ben and Jay struggle to hold it together

As the day of Heather’s funeral arrives, Ben removes the photo frame that he used to hit Heather from its hiding place, placing it into his rucksack. However, when he sees Shirley, Ben is forced to dump the bag in the Square gardens. Soon afterwards, Shirley is furious when she spots that Andrew, Dot and Cora are about to make their way to the service. Shirley warns that they’re not welcome and threatens to kill Andrew if he comes anywhere near the church.

The day of Heather's funeral arrives.

Later, as the service gets under way, DS Crisp turns up to watch the proceedings unfold – leaving Phil, Ben and Jay agitated. Shirley then gives a tribute to her best friend, before Ben and Jay give their own readings. However, Ben falters over his speech and comes dangerously close to making a confession in front of everyone. He later apologises to Shirley for ruining the reading.

Once the funeral is over, Phil rebukes Ben over his near-confession – reminding him that he would destroy the whole family if he ever came clean. Taking the advice on board, Ben sneaks off to retrieve his rucksack, but panics when he can’t find it. Ben worries further when he spots Jean and Alfie with the rucksack, but he manages to get it back before they open it.

With the day drawing to a close, Shirley goes through Heather’s work locker and is stunned to find two train tickets, realising that Andrew was telling the truth about the plans to elope after all.

Over at Heather’s wake at The Vic, DS Crisp suddenly turns up to make an arrest, announcing that he wants to speak to Mr Mitchell. All the Mitchell men panic – who will be arrested?