EastEnders Spoiler: Phil and Derek go head to head

Phil Mitchell tries to reclaim his authority on Albert Square following his release from prison.

When Billy explains how Derek Branning has managed to get his feet well and truly under the table in recent weeks, Phil (Steve McFadden) takes action by turning up at R&R and informing Derek that his services are no longer required.

Derek (Jamie Foreman) pretends to take this graciously, but in reality he has no intention of giving up on his interfering ways. Finding Ben alone on the Square, Derek then starts to question the teenager about his new-found truce with Phil.

Before Ben (Joshua Pascoe) can say anything, Phil appears and warns Derek to stay away from his son and his businesses. As Derek walks away, the two men take one last look at each other – is there a fresh battle looming for the pair of them?