EastEnders: Will Max be tempted by Roxy?

EastEnders‘ Max Branning reaffirms his commitment to partner Tanya Jessop next week – but not before he has found himself tempted by flirtatious Roxy Mitchell.

Max’s (Jake Wood) relationship with Tanya (Jo Joyner) enters a rocky patch in upcoming episodes as he grows frustrated over no longer having a physical relationship with her.

Just as the effects of Tanya’s cancer seem to be coming between the couple, a lonely Roxy (Rita Simons) enters into the mix as she makes it clear that she’s interested in Max.

Max rejects Roxy’s advances as she tries to flirt with him on a number of occasions, but when he brands her a “game-playing tease”, it seems that he may be enjoying the attention.

Viewers will see that Max is hugely tempted by Roxy, and as he starts to respond to her flirtatious games, it seems that he could be on a slippery slope back to his old ways.

Roxy continues to flirt with Max.

However, the difficult situation between Max and Tanya later comes to a head when they are finally honest with each other.

When Max notices that Tanya and Jack (Scott Maslen) seem to be getting along well, he becomes insecure himself – especially when Tanya invites Jack over for lunch and makes a huge effort for him.

After cruelly suggesting that Tanya might be interested in Jack, Max tells his partner what’s really bothering him – he’s not allowed to be anywhere near her anymore.

Max isn't impressed to see Tanya making a fuss for Jack.
When a shocked Tanya points out that her illness is to blame for that, Max feels guilty and promises that he still wants to be with her no matter what.

Having been given a wake-up call, will this be enough to make Max cool things with Roxy before he does something he’ll regret?

EastEnders airs these scenes all next week on BBC One.