Edinburgh fighter Gary McMillan vows to cut loose and KO Kevin McIntyre

TOUGH-TALKING Gary McMillan last night vowed to have the final say in his war of words with Kevin McIntyre by knocking him out on August 27.

Paisley postman McIntyre has delivered some harsh words and his 24-year-old rival hasn’t been shy in coming forward outside and inside the ring.

Edinburgh fighter McMillan has been explosive in his last two outings, stopping Martyn King and actually retiring durable Scot Craig Docherty.

He revealed that is because his dad Stuart has told him to release his full power and he daren’t get on the wrong side of him – never mind McIntyre.

McMillan said: “You can sometimes hear my dad screaming at me to release my punches.

“Now I believe I have the power so that’s why I’m more explosive now. Dad tells me what he wants to see in no uncertain terms and is sometimes as fierce as anybody out there.

“I will let my fists do the talking. I think I could knock Kevin McIntyre out in August.

“I really do believe I could finish him off and have the last laugh but I just want to stay quiet from now on.”

Too late, because the war of words has made sure that everyone is talking about the fight on Alex Arthur’s first show at Meadowbank Stadium.

Revelation McMillan said: “People on the street keep asking me when am I fighting that boy from Glasgow.

“This has definitely caught the imagination of everyone and I just can’t wait to get in the ring to do a job on him now.

“It’s a lot of pressure having so many people there and I have already sold a lot of tickets for it so I’m not going to let anybody down, including my dad.”

McIntyre wound McMillan up by hitting back at his revelation in Record Sport that he has a newspaper article laminated in his pocket.

The former British champion said he would laminate a picture of his former glories but there are just too many of them.

McMillan said: “Every day he seems to say something stupid but it just makes sure I’m fired up.

“He said he wants to fight Gary Young in the future but if he is looking too far ahead then he is in for big trouble because I’m going to chew him up and spit him out.

“I want to produce my best ever performance. I have the power and can fight as well so I have everything to do the job.

“The problem is does he? I’m convinced I’m going to win this and then go to the next level.

“I just can’t believe the rubbish he comes out with. But it does get people talking.

“I just want to make sure I produce the fireworks that people are expecting.”