Emily Scott is latest celeb out the jungle

Mark Wright and Emily Scott have been forced to take a break, as the blonde model became the next contestant to leave the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here jungle – meaning that her flirting with Mark would be no more.

The day before, Mark had only just been discussing how Emily was definitely his type but now the pair will have to put their intimate massages and hugs on hold until the warp party.

But Emily didn’t deny that it felt good to leave: ‘I feel amazing to be out. I’ve had the most incredible time in there.’

‘I wanted to stay in as long as possible, but I’m proud of myself and proud of everyone in there.

The hosts then went on to ask Emily how she’d felt about being a latecomer in the camp.

‘Everyone was so welcoming,’ she said. ‘They really made me feel comfortable.’

‘I was trying to get to know everyone as quickly as possible.’

Ant and Dec then asked her if there was anyone that she was drawn to instantly and were obviously hoping for a specific answer, but as Emily reeled off the other camp mates, they finally asked: ‘What about Mark?’

‘Yeah Mark!’ she replied.

‘He’s really sweet. He’s cheeky but it was nice to get to spend time together away from the camp.

The pair then delved further and asked if she fancies him, and she answered ‘yeah’ straight away.

Sword In The Stone: The flirty couple were chosen to do the daily chest challenge on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here Emily then went on to speak about the challenges and trials that she had faced in camp and said it was all about eating.

‘Everything is food in there,’ she said. ‘There’s no way you can’t come back with no stars.’

‘Antony was quite protective of dinner and would get quite sensitive at times, but he was so creative with it and without him we would have had some dull dinners.’

She was then asked who she would like to see win the ITV show, and rather than saying Mark, she revealed two people who she thinks deserves the crown.

‘I feel in my heart that it’s a tie between Willie and Fatima,’ she said.

‘He’s doing so well and Fatima just has the biggest heart.’