Emmerdale: Jacob makes a shocking discovery

David Metcalfe and Alicia Gallagher bring their sham relationship to a close later this month.

When David returns from holiday with girlfriend Priya Sharma, he feels guilty as Alicia explains that she’s had to tell Jacob about them ‘splitting up’.

David is keen to speak to Jacob to assure him that things won’t have to change too much, but when he tells the youngster that nothing is ruled out for the future, he unwittingly gives him false hope.

In the days that follow, Alicia and David start to spread the word around the village that they’re not together anymore.

David wants Priya to keep things quiet about their own relationship for a couple more weeks because of Jacob, but things soon go awry when Jacob spots them kissing and runs off crying.

Later, Jacob is left confused when Alicia and David explain the truth about their marriage to him – admitting that they love each other, but not in the way a husband and wife do.

Alicia then announces that she and Jacob will be moving out the next day to make things easier, but is this what David really wants?

Emmerdale airs these scenes on Wednesday, January 16 at 7pm on ITV1