Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden wins Dancing On Ice

Triumphant: Matthew Wolfenden takes over as Dancing on Ice champion from Sam AttwaterMatthew Wolfenden has taken the baton from Sam Attwater to be crowned king of the rink.

The Emmerdale star won Dancing On Ice tonight, pipping rival Jorgie Porter to the title.

It was neck and neck as the two finalists performed their breathtaking Boleros – with head judge Robin Cousins saying Matthew’s was the ‘most difficult’ since the programme began in 2006.

Having both scored perfect maximum 30s for previous performances, the competition was tight.

As it was announced, a very shocked Matthew said: ‘It’s going to take a few days to sink in. The first time I stood on the ice, I thought I’d made the biggest mistake of my life and I’d be a laughing stock.’

Jorgie could barely speak as she choked on tears, but managed to say: ‘I’m so happy for them.’

Following their incredible final performance, Robin said: ‘That is the most difficult Bolero we have had since the start of the show.’

Moment of truth: The atmosphere was incredibly tense before Phillip Schofield announced the winner
The atmosphere was incredibly tense before Phillip Schofield announced the winner

Katarina Witt heaped praise on him, saying: ‘From the beginning it was mesmerizing, it was gentle, it was sexy.

‘I can’t imagine what kind of world class skater you would’ve become if you had started as a little boy.’

The opening of the show was like waiting an hour for a bus – and three come along at once – as Matthew finally received a perfect score of 10 from the trio of judges to score the maximum of 30.

Along with partner Nina Ulanova, the duo performed an ensemble piece to Singin’ In The Rain.

Recreating the iconic Gene Kelly performance – complete with bowler hat, umbrella and a lamppost – the routine was thrilling as they were joined by an ensemble cast of the professional male skaters.

Judge Louie Spence claimed Matthew’s skills ‘surpassed’ those of the West End cast.

Having seen the production twice at the Palace Theatre in London this week, he said: ‘I’m telling you, what you have just done on the ice, surpassed what I have seen on feet.’

Robin added: ‘I’ve been waiting for a few weeks to reward you that 10. You just led a fully professional ensemble piece as the leading man.’

Matthew was clearly overwhelmed, saying: ‘I can’t believe it, I’m lost for words,’ before Christopher Dean revealed he and Jayne (Torvill) had ‘goosebumps’.

But snapping at his tail was little pixie Jorgie, who earned herself 29.

Looking every inch the pop princess in a fiery red leotard, she put on a magical showcase to the iconic theme tune of Fame with partner Matt Evers.

Rewarding another 10, Louie said: ‘You are hot! You burnt the floor out there, the ice was melting. The lifts were phenomenally difficult and you were just throwing them out. It was absolutely superb.’

Top marks: Jorgie and Matt Evers scored a maximum 30 for their routine to Fallin' by Alicia Keys
Jorgie and Matt Evers scored a maximum 30 for their routine to Fallin' by Alicia Keys

She was marked down to 9.5 by both Robin and Katarina for her lack of solo skating.

While crediting the performance, Katarina added: ‘I missed a little bit of skating, but the lifts were difficult and perfectly done.’

However, the Hollyoaks actress didn’t seem too fazed, saying: ‘I got a 10! I’m going to watch this back and not believe it’s me.’

Sadly there was very nearly disaster for Chico and Jodeyne Higgins, which undoubtedly cost them their place in the final.

During their routine to Happy Days, a lift didn’t quite have the perfect execution it should have, meaning Jodeyne fell to the ice.

However, the pair continued and received a respectable 26.

Louie said: ‘I’ve championed you from the start. You never fail to go out there and give 100 per cent. I know how much this means to you, so I hope you give your next performance 150 per cent.’

Impeccable pecs: Chico stripped off to perform topless and in zebra leggings
Chico stripped off to perform topless and in zebra leggings


Robin added: ‘You really did get back into it, you didn’t lose momentum,’ while Katarina said: ‘As athletes ourselves, something like this always break our hearts.

‘Even with mistakes, we shouldn’t criticise, it was still fun and cool.’

Ever the optimist, Chico chirped: ‘It’s a real shame as I slipped, but the heart of a champion is one that gets down, gets up and carries on.’

The stars then got to repeat their favourite performance from the series, with Matthew slipping into his leathers once again for Queen’s iconic hit Don’t Stop Me Now.

First time round he had scored 26 in week six, improving this time to receive 28.5.

Yet he was soon triumphed by the incredible Jorgie, whose turn it was to score a perfect 30.

After dancing to Fallin’ by Alicia Keys, in which she also scored 26 in week six, she said: ‘I feel hysterical… I thought it might be the last dance I ever did with Matt, so I really tried.’

Parading his impeccable pecs, topless Chico stripped off for LMFAO’s I’m Sexy And I Know It – and also scored a perfect 30.

Having received 25 in week 9, Chico said: ‘It proved I could’ve gone backstage and crumbled… I might be the underdog but tonight I feel like I’m under God.’

Of course, former stars were welcomed back before the final two were revealed, seeing the return of Andy Akinwolere, Andy Whyment, Charlene Tilton, Chemmy Alcott, Corey Feldman, Heidi Range, Jennifer Ellison, Laila Morse, Mark Rhodes, Rosemary Conley, Sam Nixon and S├ębastien Foucan.

It was then revealed Chico would not be dancing the Bolero, before Matthew went on to win the show.

As he waved goodbye, the former X Factor contestant gushed about his time on the series, saying: ‘This lady (Jodeyne) is the best. My wife and child are over there, so she’s the second best lady.’