England star Raheem Sterling inhales hippy crack

Footballer Raheem Sterling has been caught on video inhaling hippy crack.


In the video the England and Liverpool player can be seen sucking laughing gas (hippy crack) from a balloon.

The  £35,000-a-week player has now been warned by his manager after a video was leaked showing him inhaling legal high ‘hippy crack’.

Footage emerged today which apparently shows the young midfielder breathing in the gas nitrous oxide before passing out as giggling friends look on.

It comes just days after the England regular, 20, was pictured puffing on a shisha pipe said to be as strong as 200 cigarettes.


Footballer Raheem Sterling has been filmed apparently inhaling nitrous oxide - also known as 'hippy crack'



Drugs experts have warned against inhaling the drug from balloons because it starves the brain of oxygen. 

In footage obtained by The Sun, Sterling is seen sucking on an orange balloon then laughing and giggling.

When the camera pans back to him, he is either unconscious or has fallen asleep. It is claimed that the video was taken at his home in Southport.


The video shows him smiling and breathing in gas from a balloon before apparently passing out


Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has issued a warning to the forward, who scored in Liverpool’s 2-0 win over Newcastle last night.

“‘For me it is something that when you are a professional sportsperson at the top level of the game, I don’t think it is something you should be doing. It is as simple as that.

“But I will speak to him on it, to see what he says on it. As you can imagine, I have only seen this today,” said Rodgers.