Frankie Cocozza asks public to ‘keep hating’

Frankie Cocozza knows that a lot of people hate him and want him off the X Factor. He admitted that he would hate himself too.

But the bad-boy of this year’s X Factor is urging the haters to keep going.

After last night’s show when he escaped elimination, he tweeted: “The show goes on’ please keep hating, I’d hate me too. Thankyou for the support, looks like my beautiful followers are winning.”

When he sang the Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling the audience at the live show booed loudly.

Even the judges were not very impressed by his performance. Louis said: “That was really bad karaoke I don’t know how you are still here. You are not a rock star and never will be. The only thing you have going for you is your hair.”

Before the show, Frankie hadn’t rated his own chances. He said: “I’m ready for the worst tonight, I will never forget all the support you’ve given me.”

He seemed as surprised as anyone when it became clear that he was going through to the next round.