Frankie Cocozza in trouble again

'Funtime Frankie': x Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza parties at a house in Camden and club Funky Buddha until 7am over the weekendHis talent as a chart-topping rock star has yet to be proven.

But ‘Funtime Frankie’ Cocozza’s talent for attracting controversy appears to be beyond doubt.

ITV chiefs were yesterday landed in trouble by the teenage X Factor contestant after media watchdog Ofcom launched investigations into his wild behaviour.

The 18-year-old has become notorious for boasting of his party lifestyle and his sexual conquests.

On Sunday’s results show, the wannabe looked bleary-eyed as he admitted having managed only half an hour of sleep during a night of excess.

Now, following more than 100 complaints from viewers, Ofcom has launched separate inquiries into the teenager swearing on stage and allegedly glamorising alcohol consumption.



Following the Saturday show, Cocozza headed from the X Factor studios to an off licence with friends.

He then went to a private party before moving on to the Funky Buddha nightspot in Mayfair, where he met up with a fan before heading home with several girls in tow.

A source said: ‘At one point Frankie was seen at a window in just his boxers. The party went on until 7am – not the best preparation for Sunday’s show.’

Last night Frankie pledged he would continue to defy his critics. ‘I’m not going to go out this week. That’s it,’ he said.

As the Daily Mail has revealed, ITV had already apologised after Cocozza swore on a previous live show.

Yesterday, Ofcom launched three investigations into the X Factor – two relating to the behaviour and portrayal of the teenager and one into the mishandling of an on-air competition.

The first inquiry is examining the broadcast of swearing before the 9pm watershed. Ofcom received 102 complaints when, on the October 23 show, Cocozza shouted ‘****ing have it, get in there’ after avoiding eviction in the public vote.

A second investigation relates to a clip aired the previous evening showing what contestants had been doing during the week.

Cocozza was seen spending his free time partying in London nightclubs and Ofcom received 28 complaints that it glamorised and encouraged the misuse of alcohol.


Saturday, August 20

Cocozza’s first audition is shown. He brags: ‘I was doing a season in Malia (in Crete). I managed to come home with seven girls tattooed on my bum.’

When judge Tulisa Contostavlos called his bluff, he dropped his trousers to show her the tattoos.

Saturday, October 22

The teenager sticks his middle finger up at the cameras during a video clip aired on the main X Factor show, as footage shows him going to bed at 6am after an alcohol-fuelled night out.

Sunday, October 23

As Sami Brookes and Kitty Brucknell were left in the bottom two, Cocozza jumped around the stage before embracing his mentor, judge Gary Barlow, and yelling: ‘****ing have it, get in there.’

Sunday, November 6

On the Sunday results show, host Dermot O’Leary told viewers that pale-faced Cocozza had managed only half an hour’s sleep after a night of partying in London.